Social responsibility and sustainability are both a part of our DNA as well as the very core of business operations of Benefit Systems. Our goal is to work towards an active lifestyle and people’s development. We believe that being more active means more energy, health, wellbeing and, as a result – a better life. We try to “infect” both young and professionally active individuals as well as children and older people with such a life attitude.

The guiding principle of our activities is the win-win approach, on which we build all our relations with clients, business partners, employees, associates and other stakeholders. We also look after the sustainability of sport and recreation market players, we have our share in building an interesting sport and recreation infrastructure in Poland and we support the creation of attractive jobs as well as organisation of events and communities connected with sport and recreation. We believe that such a way of influencing our surroundings has an impact on the quality of life of individuals as well as the whole society. Following this philosophy and undertaking ethical actions also translate into trust that our business partners, clients and users put in our brand.

Being a part of local communities we also support public benefit organisations and people in need. We involve our employees in charity and volunteering actions and we are very proud of their initiatives. We also raise their awareness of issues connected with the environmental protection as well as healthy and regular eating. We also make sure that they maintain the work-life balance.

Below we present selected CSR areas and programmes. Our activities in the field of corporate social responsibility are described in detail in the 2017 nonfinancial report.


Dobry MultiUczynek

Our signature social engagement programme for employees.


There are never too many good deeds!

Our employees want to help others, just like that, unselfishly.


We play fair with nature!

We want to play fair with nature. We respect the environment and we educate our employees.


We look after our employees

It is people that make up a company. We look after our employees’ wellbeing.


Ethics and Diversity Policy

We respect one another and we respect our diversity.


Active MultiSport Schools

Programme promoting physical activity among primary school students.


MultiSport Senior

MultiSport Senior supports activity among people over 60 years old.



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