Active Multisport Schools


At the end of 2017, together with the V4 Sport Foundation, we launched the “Active MultiSport Schools” project in dolnośląskie province through which we want to create school reality which favours everyday activity. We strongly believe that active children achieve better results at school, are mentally stronger and deal with their peers better. As recommended by the World Health Organisation, children should move at least 60 minutes each day. This is due not only to the care for physical fitness, but also proper development and optimal brain function. The project aims to motivate children to move and build awareness among teachers and parents about the importance of children's activity, especially at this stage of development. In addition, as part of the programme, we test physical fitness, movement preferences, as well as overweight and obesity in children. The collected data constitute a systematically expanded knowledge base about the physical and health condition of the Polish young generation.

The project implemented in 2018 has so far involved nearly 15,000 pupils from 35 schools in the dolnośląskie province and 20 schools in the mazowieckie province. It is planned to continue the programme in other provinces in the following years.


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