MultiLife offers:


A platform that allows you to examine, monitor and improve the well-being levels in your company


An assistant in your journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle, well-being and your personal goals

We, at MultiLife, understand the need to ensure an end-to-end solution that will support all levels of well-being in your company.

Be an aware employer and take advantage of a platform that will help you take care of your team in the following four key areas:


Take care of effective prevention in your team by getting fast access to telemedicine consultations with a doctor, preventive health screenings without a referral, as well as consultations with a trainer or a dietician.


Personal development

Provide development tools, such as language courses, webinars and training courses, original programmes, access to e-books and audiobooks as well as support from experts.


Mental well-being

Build a strong and resilient team thanks to access to regular consultations with a psychologist, a calming app and mindfulness courses.



A portion of health for your team – starting from consultations with a dietician and a trainer to useful courses and training programmes up to a personalised diet creator.

What makes us different?

MultiLife platform:

Other solutions on the market:

Comprehensive support for four areas of well-being

Support one area

Customisation and flexible scope

Lack of services customisation

Access to a dozen of supporting services and applications

No access to partner services and applications

The ability to add complementary products: MultiSport, MyBenefit

Access to one product

Employees’ health is a high-return investment

More and more employers understand their role in preventing the negative consequences of mounting stress or lower engagement of employees.

Comprehensive support for physical and mental health, implementing preventive solutions and modern ways to learn and develop – those are the tools for HR specialists that have a direct impact on business indicators at the company
23.8 million days a year – this is the number of days Poles miss each year due to mental health issues and behaviour disturbances, including as a result of reactions to stress
Report on sick leave absences by the Social Insurance Institution in 2022.
72% of employees in Europe are the so-called “quiet-quitters” who do not engage in their work
2023 State of the Global Workplace Report

With MultiLife, you will introduce a number of preventive healthcare activities to your company and you will start to create the culture of healthy lifestyle in your team

  • You will have an impact on building healthy habits in the organisation by giving access to state-of-the art tools and services
  • You will lower absenteeism in your team thanks to comprehensive preventive health care
  • You will strengthen your employees in their care for mental- and physical well-being
  • You will enable constant development of your team by using modern technologies that help people achieve their goals
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Personalised benefits are the future
73% of employees expect benefits that are tailored to their specific needs and capabilities
“Tired, Indifferent, and Uncommitted”, 2022 Benefit Systems Report
What do your employees need? You don’t have to guess! Together with MultiLife, you will give them tools that will help them achieve their individual goals.

Millions of people, needs and goals – a single platform

MultiLife – personalised preventive health care

Together with experts, dieticians, personal trainers and psychologists, we created original programmes that support individual goals.
  • Identifying needsA smart choice of programme that meets individual needs
  • Personalised contentA selection of goal-oriented services, consultations, webinars and courses
  • Expert supportFull assistance and tips from a programme consultant, individual consultations with specialists
  • Keeping track of the resultsDevelopment based on modern methods of learning and user engagement
Development and journey to achieve well-being in your own pace, on your own terms and in line with your own needs.

Support your team by staying ahead of trends

Taking advantage of the growth potential and effective methods based on micro-learning, MultiLife offers programmes that will help you and your team achieve your goals in the area of healthy and satisfying lifestyle faster and more effectively.

Sports enthusiast

Embark on an adventure with sports and get into perfect shape with small goals.

Metabolism and body weight control

Get the perfect shape and healthy body full of energy by tailoring your diet to your own needs.

Good health and quality of life – longevity

Start to live a healthy and quality life by getting a great night’s sleep, taking care of your energy level, good appearance or sex life.


Take control of your household budget and finances by learning how to invest in a smart way, and multiply your capital.

Personal development

Overcome your limitations and develop in any way thanks to simple habits.

Stress and resilience building

Lower your stress levels and take care of your mental support with effective self-care strategies.

Mindfulness and Slow life

Slow down and enjoy life, experience gratitude and build healthy habits.

MultiLife is a combination of original solutions, expert knowledge and services of renowned partners

Get to know the well-being level in your company

Well-being Score is an original tool that will allow you to measure the level of well-being at your company and get to know areas that require support in the first place. Track the growth of well-being ratios by watching how MultiLife contributes to satisfying the employees’ needs in 6 key areas of life.
  • MeasurementMeasure the well-being level in your company
  • StrategyTogether with us, build a data-driven strategy adapted to your organisation
  • ActionDeliver adequate products and solutions that support employees end-to-end
  • ResultsWatch how well-tried benefits and tools improve the employees’ health and satisfaction

Ask for a quote. Start supporting your team comprehensively today.

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