Privacy policy and cookies

All websites and pages of Benefit Systems S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (Benefit Systems) may send and use cookie files (so-called “cookies”). This Policy is applicable to


What cookies are, any why we use them?

Cookies are small text files placed on your end device (computer, laptop, smartphone etc.) through your web browser. When you access, your browser sends this file back and is identified. The site needs cookies to allow you to navigate it and access all contents. Also, by gathering data on usage patterns, cookies help us make sure the site performance is correct and effective, and allow you to find the resources you need quicker.


Types of cookies we use?

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies sent when you load a site and removed when your browser session expires or when your browser closes. uses one session cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId. This file encodes user authorisation information and is created when you access the site and deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies facilitate using a site and stay in your browser longer. stores a cookie to remember if a cookie notice has been displayed yet. The file is stored for a year after it is placed on an end device.

Third-party cookies

These cookies come from various partnered external sites. uses Google Analytics cookies to collect statistical data on the site. The cookies are saved as soon as you access the platform. To learn more about this type of cookies, read Google Analytics Cookie. To opt out of Google Analytics cookies, follow this link.



Are cookies safe?

Yes. Cookies are not executable and cannot be used as code. As such, they cannot carry viruses. All users can freely edit cookie settings on their end device. What is more, cookie files do not contain personal details and cannot be retrieved to personally identify a user.


Managing cookies

We will use cookies only if you agree to it. You can disable cookies or edit how they can be put on your end device by changing appropriate settings in your browsing program (web browser). Most web browsers enable cookies by default and allow sites to process the data they retrieve from cookies.

Since cookies are also used to remember your cookie preferences, please be aware the following can occur as a result of a settings change:

  1. If you turn off cookies on your end device, you might not be able to log into and use the site’s functionalities.
  2. If you use a different device, computer profile or browser, you will need to state your cookie preferences again.

To find out more about managing cookie settings, please follow the instructions related to the browser you use:

On mobile devices:

As the operator of, Benefit Systems has implemented the regulations set out in the EC Directive of the European Parliament on Privacy and electronic communications, which apply also to the use of cookies, to follow the best practices of honest and open customer service.