Why does your company need well-being solutions?

The trying times we live in require HR departments to think on their feet and adapt their strategies fast. Challenges faced by the people who are responsible for teams at companies bring about a real revolution in terms of approaching the employees’ needs.

Investing into physical- and mental well-being seems to be indispensable at companies that care about their effectiveness.

We, at Benefit Systems, understand the challenges faced by the employers which is why we focus on tried and tested solutions that offer measurable effects.

Learn the well-being algorithm – a comprehensive response to your company’s needs

Start by taking baby steps and choose a key area that needs to be supported in your company or build a long-term comprehensive strategy for reinforcing well-being with us right away.
Did you know that every 1 euro invested in health promotion at workplace brings a return of 2,5 euros to - 4,8 euros 2.5 4.8 euros in terms of lower costs of absenteeism?
Source: Report “Economic and social costs of insufficient physical activity of Poles” (2021).

Get to know the well-being level in your company

Well-being Score is an original tool of Benefit Systems that will allow you to measure the level of well-being at your company and get to know areas that require support in the first place.

  • You will evaluate the level of your company’s well-being
  • You will listen to your employees and their needs
  • You will create a customised well-being strategy
  • You will support your team with selected tools, services and programmes
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A customised well-being programme for your company

You want to take care of healthy habits of your team and strengthen their well-being, but you do not know what to choose? Are you wondering whether or not a well-being strategy is right for you? Try out our ready-made programme services and find out which one is a good fit for your company.
A massage in your office, workshops with a trainer and a psychologist, a company Fit Day, or maybe a cycle of online webinars? As a team of experienced experts, we will propose a solution that best suits your current needs.


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What issues can we solve together?

It is the mission of Benefit Systems to provide employers with effective tools that support their teams. Both employees and companies will benefit from personalised well-being programmes.

Absenteeism and absence leaves in response to stress

You will lower the number of absence leaves by providing services that support mental- and physical health of your employees

Employee turnover

In understanding your team’s needs and supporting their personal- and professional development, you will make them think less often about changing jobs

Lower engagement and “quiet quitting”

Employees who feel taken care of put in more effort and implement the organisation’s goals

Symptoms that lead to burnout

By supporting your team’s resilience, you counteract the long-term stress effects

Support for you and your team at all levels

New! Well-being Concierge

Let us create and implement an effective well-being strategy for you and trust an expert who will measure the well-being level, choose the right solutions and provide support at every step of the way

New! Wellbeing Score

Well-being has become a measurable ratio for the employers Measure the well-being level and start acting in key areas that require changes.

Recognized products

Support physical-, mental- and financial well-being with well-known and sought-after products: MultiSport, MultiLife and MyBenefit.

Webinars and workshops

Adapt the topics of expert training courses, in the classroom or online, to your team’s needs.

Expert support

Provide your employees with access to regular consultations with a psychologist, a dietician and a personal trainer so that they can reduce their stress levels, regain balance and make a step towards improving their health.

MultiLife – your well-being operating system

Taking care of employees’ well-being and constant analysis of companies’ needs is our passion. Now, the most sought-after sports benefit, MultiSport, is accompanied by a complementary product called MultiLife that will strengthen the mental health of your team and provide tools for personal development in key areas.

With MultiLife, you gain:

Easily accessible expert knowledge – training programmes, training course library, consultations with a psychologist, a dietician and a trainer, and access to services supporting personal goals

Regular reports – HR dashboards will give you insight into the current well-being level in your company and the employees’ needs to which you can respond on a regular basis

Full control over well-being solutions via a single platform

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It is our priority to deliver high-quality solutions Information about high NPS ratio that we have among our clients

Are you a Benefit Systems client and do you want to get more?

You already know and use the MultiSport Card, the MultiLife programme or MyBenefit Platform, but you’d like to support your employees even more and build a modern place of work? Benefit from the support of experts and let us together:
  • Examine your company’s needs
  • Build a well-being strategy adapted to the organisation’s needs
  • Choose effective tools and programmes
  • Measure and verify the results
We support you at every step of creating and implementing the strategy. We will provide you with intuitive tools for process management. Implementing a well-being strategy has never been so easy!
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How does it work?

Take a step towards a high level of well-being in your company
  • Measurement

    Take advantage of the “Well-being Score” tool and find out the well-being level in your team

  • Strategy

  • Support

  • Effects

Take a step toward high wellbeing in your company.

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