We play fair with nature!

At Benefit Systems we want to play fair with nature and look after the environment. On a daily basis we apply solutions limiting the use of water and electricity, we print on recycled ecological paper, we collect wastepaper, we use biodegradable detergents, we sort waste (plastic) and we dispose hazardous waste (e.g. electric waste, batteries) according to the environmental requirements.


Our office is ECO

The Benefit Systems office is located in a modern office building within the Warsaw Spire complex which has an Excellent BREEAM certificate and which meets numerous requirements in respect for the environment. Electric power that we use in our Warsaw office comes only from renewable resources. While choosing this location we considered such aspects as an easy access to public transport which allows us to get to work without a car. Moreover, the building has an extensive infrastructure and facilities for bikers as well as its own city bike station.




“Fair play with nature” programme

In January 2017 we launched the Benefit Systems’ signature programme called “Fair play with nature” within which we educate our employees by showing them how to be more ECO on a daily basis, both at work and at home.

We have organised an internal information campaign promoting pro-environmental habits which included a series of Intranet messages as well as uniform visual communication in the form of labels and posters in common spaces.

Green Office Certificate

In June 2017 we received the Green Office Certificate, which is an independently verified eco-certificate awarded to institutions, companies and organisations that stand out with regards to increasing its office performance by reducing a negative impact on the environment. In order to meet the certification requirements we organised workshops for our employees so they could improve their knowledge of practical aspects of the environmental protection.

In the process of getting the Green Office Certificate we also developed Benefit Systems Environmental Policy, which is a one-page document describing how we look after the natural environment in our company short and to the point. The policy is displayed in well-visible places around the office.


Annual company event in green

In order to be even more ECO and make our employees aware of how important looking after the environment is, ecology was the leitmotif of the Benefit Systems annual event in 2017. Its catchphrase was “Fair play with nature”. Its participants wore T-shirts with these words and they also received ecological canvas totes. During the event there was an outdoor game connected with ecology and ecological workshops organised.

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