Management Board

The Management Board of Benefit Systems SA is the executive body of the Company, and its main task is managing the affairs of the Company and its representation. The Management Board of the Company operates in accordance with the provisions of law, in particular with regard to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code and the Articles of Association and the Rules and Regulations of the Management Board.

See the Management Board of Benefit Systems SA

See the Rules and Regulations of the Management Board of Benefit Systems SA

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is a collegial body, which supervises the activities of the Company in all areas of its operations. The Supervisory Board operates under the Commercial Companies Code, other applicable laws, the Articles of Association and the Rules and Regulations. The powers of the Supervisory Board, in addition to issues reserved by the provisions of law and the Articles of Association, include considering and reviewing all matters brought by the Management Board to the agenda, consideration of information received from the Management Board on all important issues concerning the Company's operations, as well as preparing a concise evaluation of the Company's situation to present it to the Ordinary General Meeting.


See the Supervisory Board of Benefit Systems SA