How it works?

Collect a BenefitLunch card

Remember that it is your personal card and it must be signed by you.

Select a place to eat

Places to eat available within the programme can be found in the search engine.

Confirm your visit

You can enjoy lunch once a day on weekdays at specified hours.

See the Terms and Conditions of the BenefitLunch service

Collect a BenefitLunch coupon

Please remember that the coupon is issued to the bearer.

Select a place to eat

Places to eat available within the programme can be found in the search engine.

Confirm your visit

You can enjoy lunch on every weekday at specified hours.

See the Terms and Conditions of the BenefitLunch.

Collect your eBenefitLunch code

eBenefitLunch codes are issued to the bearer and are valid for 3 months.

Choose your catering outlet

The catering outlets available within the eBenefitLunch service can be checked in the outlet finder

Show your eBenefitLunch code

After you show your code in the catering outlet and its number is entered into the terminal system, you will get the selected lunch service available in the offer.

See the Terms and Conditions of eBenefitLunch


Wide choice

From canteens to restaurants, nearby your office.


Daily lunch at a lower price. Supporting the home budget.

Good nutrition

Having a proper and healthy diet is essential to our well-being.

Possibilities offered through 
the BenefitLunch programme

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BenefitLunch card

Monthly subscription

All facilities within the offer

BenefitLunch coupon

Single-use coupon

All facilities within the offer

eBenefitLunch Code

One-off use code

All facilities within the offer

* please refer to the details of the offer in each given facility available in the search engine

Search engine

Select location or find a facility
close to you.

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Frequently asked questions

The BenefitLunch programme is addressed only to companies. Currently our offer is not addressed to individuals.
The card is valid from the date provided on the back of the card. The coupon is valid from the date of its receipt until the date specified as the expiry date printed on the front of the coupon. The code is valid from its receipt to the date indicated as the date of validity. It can be seen when ordering the code.
The BenefitLunch card is a subscription solution allowing the regular use the offer of the program partners in a non-cash form. The card works on each working day of the month. The BenefitLunch coupon is single-use coupon exchangeable for one meal – a lunch at a selected partner of the programme. The eBenefitLunch code is a one-off electronic bearer code that can be exchanged to one meal – a lunch package offered by selected partners of the programme on any working day of the month.
You must present your card before placing an order or exchange a coupon for a lunch available under the BenefitLunch programme in an establishment selected from the list of partners.
To be able to use the lunch service, the code needs to be shown and entered into the terminal system.
The list of establishments in which you can use a coupon, cardor code can be found at: If you use the “Phone Delivery” option, you should provide the card, coupon or code number and the delivery address when placing the order.
No, the card is non-transferable and may only be used by the person whose particulars are provided on the card.
Report loss to your company's HR department. After receiving suitable notification, the Customer Service Department of the BenefitLunch programme will prepare and deliver a replacement.
Unfortunately, no. Coupons are one-off documents to the bearer and no replacement can be obtained.
BenefitLunch cards must be returned to the HR department of your company. The card should be returned to the MultiBenefit within fourteen (14) calendar days after the end of the settlement period, regardless of whether the user intends to return to the programme in the future.
The BenefitLunch programme is a product aimed at companies employing at least ten (10) employees. We do not carry out sales to individuals. In order to obtain access to the BenefitLunch programme, contact your HR department and make such a request.

Contact us

Customer Service Department

+ 48 22 242 48 50 + 48 22 242 48 50

On weekdays, from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

with the exception of national and religious holidays

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