Rules of best practice

Since its stock market debut in 2011, Benefit Systems S.A. has carried out activities in accordance with best practices, declaring the scope of their application in the relevant current reports. With the amendment to the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2021, introduced by the Resolution of the Stock Exchange Board No.13/1834/2021 dated 29 March, 2021, the Management Board of Benefit Systems S.A. adopted a new scope of application for the recommendations and principles contained in the Code of Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies 2021 - Current Report 1/2021 (EBI) concerning the application of Best Practices dated 30 July, 2021 On 30 June 2022 the Company updated the information concerning the application of Best Practices - Current Report 1/2022 (EBI) dated 30 June, 2022

Corporate Governance Statement