Dobry MultiUczynek – because we want to help!

Dobry MultiUczynek is a social engagement programme in which Benefit Systems employees come up with philanthropic and volunteering projects in aid of various institutions, healthcare and education facilities, foundations, associations and private people. We mainly help children and teenagers in a difficult situation, people with disabilities, seniors and animals. We also support initiatives connected with the environment.

Dobry MultiUczynek was launched in 2015. In 2017 we changed the programme’s formula and instead of one we now organise three editions a year. Each time from among employees’ applications we choose three big philanthropic projects in which we donate money for a specific purpose as well as ten smaller volunteering projects within which volunteers from Benefit Systems devote their time and work to help others.

By the end of 2017 we did more than 50 good deeds which involved over 200 employees from our company. The total amount that we spent on this purpose in three years reached almost 1 million PLN.

Whom have we helped so far?

Gajusz Foundation, Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Children’s Hospital in Niekłańska Street in Warsaw, Alaska Foundation, “Amp Futbol” Disability Football Association, Special Training and Education Centre in Leszno, Everest Foundation, St. Brother Albert Aid Society, St. John of Jerusalem Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages, Adoption Centre at the Children’s Friend Society in Warsaw, Viva! animal shelter, homeless animals shelter in Żyrardów and many, many others. You can find the full list of beneficiaries in the file ».

Dobry MultiUczynek programme’s partner is The Volunteer Centre, which supports us content- and organisation- wise. President of the Volunteer Centre in Warsaw, Dariusz Pietrowski, is a member of the Chapter that selects projects that will be carried out.

See a video from our volunteering actions

See photos from our volunteering actions

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