BS_WAY Code of Ethics and Diversity Policy 

Benefit Systems is made up of people – different people. We respect one another  and we respect our diversity. We have Diversity Policy in place in which we commit ourselves to treat every employee equally regardless of their gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or family status. We have worked out “Good Practices in case of mobbing and discrimination” so our employees know what to do and whom to turn to in alarming situations. We have also implemented Benefit Systems BS_WAY Code of Ethics which includes basic ethical principles that should be followed in our company both in the relations between employees as well as with our clients, business partners, contractors, etc.

Benefit Systems is created by people and their diversity. One of our values ​​is mutual respect and appreciation of differences between employees, which we see as an opportunity for an interesting and creative cooperation. We care for a friendly working atmosphere and mutual acceptance because we want every person to feel safe in our organisation. As part of empowering these activities, we have developed appropriate documents and practices that protect and promote diversity as well as indicate the basic ethical principles that should be followed. These include:

  • Diversity Policy in which we undertake to treat every employee equally, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or family status.
  • Good Practices in the event of mobbing and discrimination so that employees know what to do and who to report to in case of alarming situations.
  •  BS_WAY Code of Ethics at the Benefit Systems Group    containing the basic ethical principles that should be observed in our company, both in relations between employees and in relations with our clients, partners, subcontractors, and other entities. 
  • Work Regulations, Remuneration Regulations and Working time registration are documents resulting from a transparent approach to cooperation with our organisation, defining the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer as well as regulations related to the calculation of working time and rules for paying remuneration.

At Benefit Systems we also have Work Council whose role is to represent the interests of employees in front of the Management Board and to consult various topics and projects of changes that are taking place in the company.

More information about the procedures connected with ethics and diversity policy can be found in the Benefit Systems Group Non-Financial Report 2019, chapter 2. Employees.