How Poles relax after work

Conscious employers know that the effectiveness of employees depends not only on their skills, but also on the opportunity to relax.

How Poles relax after work

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, every employee yearns for a workplace where they can pursue their professional goals while maintaining an appropriate balance. Poles are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of cultivating a healthy work-life equilibrium. And conscious employers know that the performance of their employees hinges not only on their skills but also on their opportunities to rest. Importantly, it extends beyond summer or winter vacations.

Why encourage employees to take a rest?

The research data is unambiguous. A study conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans has found that taking a leave of absence can boost employee productivity by up to 40% [1]. Also, the Polish Psychiatric Association indicates that employees who take regular time off have a 25% reduced risk of developing symptoms of burnout [2].

Rest offers numerous benefits for working individuals, including [3]:

  • enhanced focus and creativity,

  • increased motivation to work,

  • improved resilience to stress,

  • lower absenteeism rates,

  • greater loyalty towards the company.

From the employer’s perspective, therefore, investing in the proper rest of team members is an investment in the productivity of the entire company. However, for employees to be perform well, they cannot be fixated on counting down the days until their summer vacation. So, what types of leisure activities are most appealing to Polish employees?

Rest and recuperation all year round


According to the 2022 nationwide survey, aside from extra days off, the most coveted rest-related workplace perks are travel vouchers (41%) [4]. Employees want to take advantage of relaxation opportunities all year round, customizing them to suit their individual needs and preferences.

MyBenefit records only a marginal uptick in voucher sales in July and August, indicating that trips are popular among users not just during the traditional vacation season. More and more people choose off-season travel options to evade crowds and enjoy a more tranquil atmosphere at their chosen destinations.

As many as 63% of surveyed Poles take extra days off during ‘long weekends’, which markedly extends their time away from work [5]. During this period, many of us head to our allotments, explore other cities, or journey abroad. That’s why at MyBenefit we place a great emphasis on our tourism offerings. With a variety of leisure activities available, there’s something for everyone to unwind and indulge in.

City breaks

Trips to big cities offer an escape from everyday routine and an opportunity to explore new places. A city break is an ideal way to enjoy an extended weekend, allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture, art, and cuisine of the city you’re visiting, while also relaxing in the comfort of a nice hotel.

Weekend trips out of town

Quick getaways to nature are an excellent option for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. In just two days, you can explore new places, engage in outdoor activities, conquer a mountain summit, or simply unwind in a cozy guesthouse.

According to a Benefit Systems report, interest in offers promoting slow living and alternative forms of travel is growing month by month. Exploring nearby destinations at a leisurely pace, indulging in glamping experiences, or opting for tree house accommodation are gaining more traction among travelers. And it’s no surprise! Forest bathing is known to reduce stress, soothe the senses, and improve overall wellbeing.


Leisure can also be combined with work. According to surveys, as many as 75% of Polish employees would be happy to work remotely while staying in attractive tourist destinations [6]. Workation allows you to work remotely from any location worldwide, while offering an opportunity to explore new places and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. The beach, mountains, or exotic cities become the office, with the scenery outside the window sparking fresh ideas.

Hence, a travel voucher can offer numerous advantages over a traditional cash bonus. Interestingly, in 2023, the majority of eTravelPass vouchers at MyBenefit were purchased in December. It seems then that vouchers are increasingly viewed as attractive gifts for loved ones and a festive way to express gratitude to teams.

Active recreation and spending quality time with family

Short trips away from home are not the only way to relax chosen by Poles. What helps to recover effectively after a day filled with professional challenges? Sport! Following travel vouchers, sports cards are the most sought-after rest-related benefit among employees [7].

The MultiSport card provides an opportunity to combine leisure with physical activity. With the card, you have the flexibility to engage in various activities depending on your physical ability and mood, including options like fitness, yoga, or climbing. Such pursuits not only help you maintain your physical wellbeing but also clear your mind. A sports card also facilitates spending time actively with the whole family. Participating in team games or going to the swimming pool together are great for bonding and having a relaxed time together.

And what if everyone is tired? In that case, one of the available options is to visit the zoo. Strolling through lush green pathways and observing various animal species provides an active and educational experience for the whole family. MyBenefit users are most likely to engage in this activity from April to October, with the peak season occurring in July. However, they often purchase tickets well in advance, sometimes as early as December.

Cinema and theater as forms of relaxation

While watching TV shows at home is a popular pastime, it can’t replace the magic of a movie theater. Research indicates that spending a few hours in front of the big screen can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health, and regular trips to the movies help improve mood [8]. In addition, attending a movie screening is akin to a 45-minute light cardio session, whether you go solo or with a group [9]. The number of purchased MyBenefit vouchers rises considerably in the release months of highly anticipated movies.

An alternative to the movies is the theater. For many people, attending a theater performance serves not only as a way to engage with art, but also as a means to rejuvenate and reset the mind after a hectic day. Our theater coupons are mainly redeemed in January and December, with the peak demand in the fall, coinciding with the commencement of the theater season. Employees increasingly choose options with voucher opportunities at renowned theaters. They appreciate VIP services and access to musical theaters.

Healthy eating as a cornerstone of recovery

Aside from selecting suitable leisure activities after work, it’s very important to prioritize healthy eating habits. A well-balanced diet has a huge impact on both physical and mental recovery. The HERO study confirms that there is a close relationship between nutrition and productivity. Work performance among employees who eat regular and healthy meals is 25% higher, with a 27% lower rate of absenteeism.

In addition, according to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 40% of companies regard offering healthy food options as an important factor in recruitment and in retaining employees within the organization. Moreover, according to a study by the Eat Club, providing balanced meals to employees can result in a return on investment (ROI) of up to 150%.

That’s why MyBenefit provides a diverse array of options, including lunch cards, dietary plans, catering services, and restaurant outings. Consequently, employees are able to prioritize their diet and health, leading to improved wellbeing and increased productivity in the workplace.

Optimal leisure isn’t merely about pleasure – it’s a strategic investment that offers employers a multitude of advantages. Hence, it’s important to focus on how employees use their leisure time and provide them with support to ensure they can unlock their full potential both in their professional roles and personal lives.