Wellbeing Score – How to Measure Wellbeing in the Company and Why Is It Worth Doing?

Wellbeing Score – an innovative tool for measuring well-being that allows you to implement tailored measures in the area of well-being.

Wellbeing Score – How to Measure Wellbeing in the Company and Why Is It Worth Doing?

We live in a time of uncertainty that requires companies to be agile and quickly adapt to change. In view of the current challenges, the issue of measuring wellbeing at the employee and company levels is gaining strategic importance. The achievement of this goal is enabled by the Wellbeing Score, an innovative tool for assessing wellbeing levels, which allows for implementing tailored wellbeing measures.

Wellbeing in the hands of the employer

Work-life integration is a growing challenge to our wellbeing. The boundaries between private and professional life become blurred, which means that the employer should take into account the “integration” of the two spheres and take steps to comprehensively care for the team’s wellbeing. Why is that? Because employees who are satisfied with their personal lives are also more fulfilled at work.

To do this, the organisation needs a tool to measure the level of wellbeing on a regular basis. With specific data from surveys, it will be possible to determine which areas need to be improved, as well as to monitor the results of actions taken over time. Ultimately, assessing wellbeing will enable the development and implementation of a holistic wellbeing strategy.

With the publication of the “Wellbeing of Poles” report, prepared in cooperation with Natalia Hatalska’s infuture.institute, Benefit Systems is releasing its proprietary Wellbeing Score tool for measuring wellbeing. It allows companies to assess their overall wellbeing, and employees to check individual wellbeing through a survey. Thanks to this , the company can determine wellbeing at the meso level, i.e. the entire organisation, and implement tailored support measures.

What does the Wellbeing Score survey look like in practice?

Examining the level of wellbeing is hampered by its multi-faceted nature, so it was necessary to isolate its key areas. As a result, the Wellbeing Score survey covers as many as six areas of wellbeing, namely:

  • physical health – proper diet, adequate sleep, physical activity, preventive healthcare;

  • mental health – stress regulation, work-life balance, time for yourself;

  • inner peace – living in harmony with one’s beliefs, pursuing passions, feeling a sense of meaning in life;

  • comfort of life – financial independence, adequate housing, a sense of security;

  • relationships with others – interpersonal interactions, satisfaction from establishing relationships, sense of cultural belonging;

  • contact with nature – the impact of nature on wellbeing, accessibility and proximity to the natural world.

We are now making the individual survey available to everyone in online form.

Check your wellbeing with the Wellbeing Score!

After completing the survey, which covers the six areas mentioned above, the employee can compare their score with the nationwide results. They also receive expert recommendations and suggestions for services that improve wellbeing, available on the MultiLife platform. In turn, the employer and HR department will receive anonymous, aggregated figures in a transparent form. They allow to keep up to date with the performance of the entire organisation and gain insights into the real needs of employees.

This enables the company to respond to employees’ needs faster by implementing solutions to improve wellbeing. In addition, it gains the ability to verify the effectiveness of the steps taken by comparing results over time. The survey data is also a solid basis for developing a wellbeing strategy at the organisational level.

What does the company gain from the Wellbeing Score?

  • a maintenance-free tool and no additional work on the part of HR,

  • simple and clear presentation of data (HR Dashboard) to further facilitate reporting,

  • concrete figures that allow to measure effectiveness of HR activities and set specific KPIs,

  • automating the process of data acquisition and aggregation, without the need for additional involvement of HR staff,

  • the basis for diagnosing team wellbeing and creating strategies to improve wellbeing in the organisation.

From measurement to strategy implementation

Measuring wellbeing alone is, of course, only a start. Having the right tools to move from numbers to practical action is also key. With the Wellbeing Score, employers gain a kind of facilitation in their efforts to improve wellbeing in their teams. The tool is part of the MultiLife platform, and this means that once the employee has received their own score and expert recommendations, they get access to tools that support key areas of wellbeing as part of this benefit.

In the case of physical health, these include consultations with a dietitian or access to doctors and trainers, whereas mental health is facilitated through appropriate courses and applications, as well as consultations with a psychologist. MultiLife is complemented by other Benefit Systems products, namely MultiSport card and MyBenefit – a platform with a cafeteria module and HR tools.

Companies are increasingly understanding the value of wellbeing and approaching it strategically. Precisely measuring wellbeing is difficult, however, and it is this stage that can determine whether a planned strategy will actually work. So it is worth reaching out for support from a trusted partner. Benefit Systems has been actively supporting employers in taking care of employee wellbeing for years, and the Wellbeing Score allows you to build a wellbeing strategy based on specific data.

Check your wellbeing with the Wellbeing Score!