How it works?

Employer sets the budget

The employer transfers the funds to its employees via the MyBenefit cafeteria system.

Make your selection

Employees choose the best benefits for themselves within their given budget.

Instant implementation

Benefits are available online, 24 hours a day, and implemented immediately after the purchase. .


Free choice

Benefits to be chosen individually within a defined budget and using transparent criteria.

A wide offer

Several thousand benefits available throughout Poland.


Benefits available immediately after selection without having to wait for paper vouchers.

Thousands of benefits

MyBenefit is an online platform that offers
the widest selection of benefits in the following fields:

MultiSport card

Holidays in Poland

Foreign tours

Sport and recreation

Cinema tickets

Concerts and theatres


Sports events

Services for children

Day spas

Summer camps

Education and training

MyBenefit programme in numbers

More than



More than





level of user

Frequently asked questions

People’s needs and interests increasingly differ. Therefore, our system offers thousands of readily available activities and services in the sports, cultural, recreational and leisure fields.

We want to make sure there are offers to suit everyone!

MyBenefit cafeteria has a continuously expanding offer of several thousand different benefits for employees of your company to utilise.

We have customers throughout Poland, including branches in hundreds of locations. Our offer is tailored to their needs: we provide the opportunity to purchase tickets to the cinema, to use sports, recreational and leisure facilities not only in big cities, but also in hundreds of smaller towns. We continue to expand the offer, thanks to the feedback of the system’s users.

Yes, services such as the Multisport card, medical care and life insurance could be. All the processes related to the selection of these services, their configuration for employees and their partners are then organised at MyBenefit.

Thus, employees have a single system to manage all the benefits received from their company (including as part of the company's Social Benefit Fund). Firstly, it enables them to organise the benefits management process themselves and, secondly, demonstrates the value of the services received by employees from their company.

No, MyBenefit is a single system-wide solution that integrates all the benefits in the company, relieving the HR of service-related administration.

Therefore, there is no need to look for partners, negotiate contracts or order products, thus great deal of work for the HR Department. Employees individually choose their benefits, while the company makes payments to a single service provider once a month.

The employee can use the service immediately after it has been ordered. Services are purchased online, resulting in real savings due to reduced logistics and distribution costs of things like tickets and vouchers, etc.

Today, more than 170,000 employees use the cafeteria, and that number is still growing. As a result, we are able to negotiate and obtain better deals than one company is able to do it by itself. This is beneficial both for the employee who can buy more services thanks to the extra financing from the company's Social Benefit Fund, and for the company that is able to use its budget more effectively.

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