How it works?


The employer allots into your individual account social funds or bonuses. It is such an easy solution!


At any time, you can exchange the funds for benefits you have selected yourself. Be active, it suits you!


No matter where you are – to use MyBenefit cafeteria you only need the Internet access.

Benefits for you


All the benefits offered by the employer are available in one place. You decide yourself, what you want to use.


Thousands of benefits to be implemented throughout Poland: tourism, culture, recreation, shopping and many more!


Enjoy! Your benefits can be used just after the purchase.

Be active!


at one of 1500 objects in Poland and abroad.


The greatest emotions - cinemas, theaters, concerts and outdoor festivals!


Systematically or from time to time - you have thousands of opportunities to be always in shape

Enjoy yourself

With family or with friends. Both indor and outdoor.


In favorite stores, whatever and whenever you want.

Frequently asked questions

The needs and interests of people are increasingly differentiated. That's why in MyBenefit we have thousands of ready-made tourist, cultural, sports or recreational benefits for everyone to find an offer for themselves. We offer proven benefits that you can buy at any time and use it immediately, without waiting for your paper bills or gift cards.

Many of our clients have branches in hundreds of locations. The Cafeteria offer is tailored to this - we offer benefits that can also be made outside of large cities, such as cinema tickets, also for local cinemas, sports hall tickets, amusement park tickets or tourist attractions. We also cooperate with 1500 leisure facilities throughout Poland.

Yes, we often handle sports cards, medical care or insurance, for which the client has separate contracts with other suppliers. All processes related to the selection of these benefits by the employees and their configuration and reporting are then made through MyBenefit Cafeteria. The employees have one system to manage all the benefits they receive from the company (including social fund). This allows you to streamline the management process and help you to give the employees the total value of the benefits they receive from the company.
No, the cafeteria is a solution that integrates all the benefits of a company, which is convenient for employees, while at the same time relieving HR in administration of benefits. There is no longer a need for self-seeking suppliers of benefits, negotiating contracts, ordering and accounting for individual products. Employees choose benefits on their own and the employer pays for all purchases made with one supplier - MyBenefit.
An employee can use a benefit immediately after its purchase. Purchasing and receiving benefits is done online without the involvement of HR, which significantly affects the real savings resulting from the elimination of logistics costs and distribution of benefits.

Currently over 500,000 employees use the cafeteria, the number is growing. This enables us to negotiate better deals with suppliers. It benefits both employees, because they can buy even more with the accumulated funds and the company as it uses the budget more effectively.

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