MultiLife gives you instant access to a varied range of services including self-improvement, health, nutrition, and mental well-being.

Explore their potential every day to better navigate today’s world and face its challenges with confidence.


With MultiLife, you have all the tools you need to nurture your well-being on a daily basis and systematically develop the competencies that will make you more comfortable and satisfied with life.

Multi-level support

Each area is packed full of dedicated courses, services and benefits that you can access any day, any time

Access to experts and specialists

All the services and course content are created by MultiLife experts in compliance with the highest professional standards.

Comfort of use

All the services are available online at your fingertips, through one intuitive multi-platform:

MultiLife offer

With MultiLife, every day is good for:


Competency building:

- Youniversity self-improvement and competency-enhancing courses

- Language courses

- Legimi e-books and audiobooks


Well-balanced diet:

- Diet Creator

- Dedicated MultiLife Diet app

- Consultations with dietitian


Proper care of your health:

- Online workouts

- Yoga course for beginners

- Consultations with personal trainer

Relaxation and shift of mindset:

- Online psychology consultations

- Mindfulness course

- Course in healthy breathing

- Focusly self-improvement app



How to order MultiLife

Talk to your employer

To order MultiLife, get in touch with the HR department in your workplace.

Check your e-mail

You will receive a welcome e-mail with all details about MultiLife and a link to set up your account.

Set up an account

Click the link in the e-mail and set up your account, entering your MultiLife number.

Enjoy MultiLife!

All done! Discover the full range of MultiLife services and start enjoying a better lifestyle!

Terms an Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions of our MultiLife service  in force from March 1, 2023





Frequently asked questions

If your company has a contract with Benefit Systems, you can order access to MultiLife. Ask your HR Department for details or contact our Customer Service at 22 242 42 42.

MultiLife provides multi-access to services in 4 main areas: psychology, health, nutrition and development. Here you will find specific courses, workshops, diverse services and mobile applications. Legimi, Youniversity, Focusly or Diagnostyka are just a few of the possibilities. Find out more at:

MultiLife can be ordered through your employer (by contacting the HR Department) or online at, if you have access to the platform.

After placing an order with the HR department or online at, you will receive an e-mail with an individual number you need to register at After completing the procedure, MultiLife services will be available from the new billing month.

The price of the MultiLife package is negotiated individually with the employer. To check the price applicable to your company, contact the HR Department, or go to, if you have access to the platform.

MultiLife gives you access to a number of self-development services and applications that will help you improve your competences, reduce stress or increase awareness of your body. Find out more at: And with the MultiSport card, you can use sports facilities and the activities offered in them. In total, you have up to 38 activities and selected online services to support you in staying fit.

Different MultiLife packages vary in price and the range of available services. Find out more at:

No, you do not need a MultiSport card to be able to use MultiLife services. You are free to order MultiLife from your employer regardless of whether you already use a sports card.

Ask your HR Department for details or contact our Customer Service at 22 242 42 42.