Your employer provides you with funds from the Company Social Benefits Fund or bonus program through a Cafeteria system.

To take advantage of the benefits offer, you log into your individual account in the system (you will receive access from the HR department).

You choose what currently fits your needs and interests from a range of benefits.

With the benefits available online, you receive your order immediately after purchase!

By creating the new MyBenefit Platform, we combined proven solutions from MultiKafeteria with a number of innovations, dictated by the most current needs of participants of our Cafeteria Program.



Everything in one place

Full benefits offer available 24/7 on one common platform.

Wide range of benefits

Purchase offerings from external partners, but also access to the MultiSport or MultiLife programs.

Convenience and guaranteed quality

The best deals from over 4,000 suppliers and a streamlined purchasing path.

Freedom of choice

Full freedom of choice of benefits and the ability to pay for them also from your own funds.

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