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Benefit Systems SA has been listed on the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock exchange since 2011.

Informations about Prospectus 2011



Dividend policy

On 10th February, 2016, the Management Board for the parent company adopted a Shareholder Profit Distribution Policy for the years 2016-2019, which was subsequently approved by the Supervisory Board of the parent company and the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders. In each year of the Profit Distribution Policy a share buy-back will be conducted with a value of at least 50% of the parent company's net profit for the previous financial year. This will take into account the financial situation and investment needs of the parent company and the Group's companies, including those related to the implementation of investment agreements and their demand for liquid cash.

The Profit Distribution Policy is effective and applies beginning from the distribution of net profit of the parent company for the fiscal year ended 31st December, 2015, and constitutes a continuation of the Dividend Policy dated 25th September, 2012.

On 15th June, 2016, the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the Company adopted a resolution on the distribution of the Company's net profit for 2015. Given the plans of the parent company's Management Board with regards to the share buy-back, in accordance with the Shareholder Profit Distribution Policy for the years 2016-2019, it was decided to fully allocate the net profit of 54.08 million PLN on supplementary capital.

As part of the share buy-back conducted in September 2016, in accordance with the dividend policy, Benefit Systems S.A. spent 27.5 million PLN on the purchase of a total of 39,730 of its own shares.

The history of Benefit Systems dividends

The dividend from the profit for the year Consolidated net profit (thousands of zloty) Profit allocated on the payment of a dividend (thousands of zloty) Dividend value per share (PLN) Date of granting the dividend right Dividend payment date
2011 37 302 14 429 6.0 2012-06-20 2012-08-24
2012 29 115 18 036 6.7 2013-07-18 2013-09-25
2013 25 734 19 889 8.0 2014-08-29 2014-09-18
2014 38 547 22 994 9.0 2015-07-24 2015-08-14
2015 48 659 27 500* * * *
2016 75 593 42 420* * * *
2017 86 708 51 000* * * *

* Purchase of own shares at a premium in accordance with the aforementioned Dividend Policy

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