More than 500,000 sports cards and the highest growth rates over the last three years – Benefit Systems presents the results for 2014

  • 527,000 sports cards at the end of 2014, +16.3% y/y, i.e. +74,000 y/y
  • net profit for 2014 +49.8% y/y, EBIT +50.6% y/y
  • strengthening the position in the fitness segment

In Q4 2014, the Benefit Systems Group maintained the growth rate of sales recorded in the previous quarters and earned PLN 119.5 million revenues, which is an increase of 16.0% compared to Q4 2013. In 2014, the total sales of Benefit Systems amounted to PLN 452.3 million and increased by 18% compared to 2013. The Group maintains a satisfactory level of profitability the gross profit on sales in 2014 amounted to PLN 106.9 million (+26.7% y/y) and the gross profitability on sales increased to the level of 23.6% (+1.6 p.p. y/y).

In 2014, the EBIT of the Benefit Systems Group amounted to PLN 49.8 million and was higher by 50.6% y/y, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company amounted to PLN 38.6 million (+47.3% y/y). The costs of sales in relation to revenues in 2014 amounted to 5.4% (an improvement of 0.5 p.p. year on year), and the general administrative costs amounted to 7.2% (an improvement of 0.6 p.p. year on year).

In 2014, thanks to the improving profitability and high sales rate, we obtained the highest rate of profit growth in three years. Q4 was a very good time for our Group we have exceeded the symbolic number of half a million sports cards holders. The sports cards segment is developing well, which has a positive impact on our results. We will continue our actions associated with building the competitive advantage of Benefit Systems on the sports cards market, including further investments in the clubs, says Adam Kędzierski, a member of the Management Board of Benefit Systems SA.

The number of subscription sports cards at the end of 2014 amounted to 527,000 pcs compared to the end of 2013, their number increased by 16.3% (+74,000 pcs). The annual volume of sales growth in 2014 was higher than that recorded in the previous years (2014/2013 +74,000 2013/2012 +60,000, 2012/2011 +70,000).

The Group continues its strategy of investment and consolidation in the fitness industry. In 2014, the number of investment clubs increased to 47 (with a total area of 63,000 m2). In the years 2015-2016 the Group plans to maintain the rate of development of the network of clubs and exceeding the number of 70 clubs in 2016. As part of the implemented strategy, Benefit Systems S.A. made a transfer of shares of entities running fitness clubs to a subsidiary Fit Invest sp. z o.o., in which Benefit Systems S.A. holds 100% of the shares.

In 2014, in the segment of new products, cafeteria platforms recorded very good results, i.e. they increased the number of users by 67,000 and recorded a turnover of PLN 79.2 million (an increase by 67.8% compared to 2013). In 2014, significant changes in the MultiBenefit program began, resulting in an increase of the number of users, with a fourfold increase of turnover in Q4 compared to the previous quarters. The Management Board of the Company announces a continuation of the development works on the MultiBenefit program.

Since 2011, Benefit Systems is also present in the Czech Republic, where it sells sports cards. In 2014, the Czech company reached the break-even point, and there were 16,000 sports cards available on the market. Currently, the Group is preparing to enter new markets in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Summary of the financial results of the Benefit Systems Group

in PLN million
















Gross profit on sales







Gross margin on sales



+1.6 p.p.



+2.0 p.p.








net profit***








*** net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company

More information:

Rafał Janik Benefit Systems S.A. Investor Relations | tel. +48 22 24 24 090 | e-mail:

About us:

Benefit Systems is the leader of the Group, which is composed of entities operating on the non-wage employee benefits and fitness markets. Benefit Systems Group, in accordance with its mission, supports people and organisations in their development, achieving balance and building commitment. Using the upward trend in the leisure-time industry market, it creates and develops a portfolio of innovative and comprehensive solutions allowing to motivate employees in an efficient and flexible manner and to assist them in achieving a balance between work and private life. The offer of the Group includes products in the field of sports and recreation (MultiSport, FitProfit), culture and entertainment (MultiBilet, MultiTeatr), nutrition (BenefitLunch), tourism (MultiWypoczynek), custom-made cafeteria programs (MultiKafeteria, MyBenefit), as well the MultiBenefit incentive program. Since April 2011, the shares of Benefit Systems are listed on the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The group of clients of Benefit Systems currently includes more than 7,000 companies and institutions employing more than 2 million employees, with the sports products having themselves more than 500,000 users, with nearly 4,000 sports and recreation facilities in nearly 650 Polish towns and cities available

*) New products – other than sports cards, non-wage incentive tools in the offer of the Group

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