The MultiSport Programme may be financed from a variety of different sources. Employer’s and employees’ needs as well as the available budget will determine the best suitable method of payment for the programme. Available solutions include the following:

  • A company's Social Benefit Fund,
  • A company’s current assets,
  • Employees’ funds (either a one-off payment or monthly deductions from the salary),
  • Using a combination of the above-listed sources.

The MultiLife Program can be funded from a variety of sources. The method of funding depends on the employer’s and employees’ needs, and the available budget. The available solutions include:

  • a company’s current assets,
  • employee’s own resources (individual payment or monthly payroll deduction),
  • funding from two or more of the above sources.

MultiLife Active&Relax is a variant of the program which may be funded entirely from the Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS).  

The employer transfers funds from the Company Social Benefits Fund, Bonus Program or other sources to the Cafeteria. An individual account holder can choose his or her favorite benefits and pay for them in full or in part, from employer and private money - by card or by wire transfer.

MyBenefit Active enables the Employer to combine the Cafeteria services for the Employee with the gamification and activity results on the platform.

The BenefitLunch Programme can be financed using company's current assets.

If the BenefitLunch Programme is funded from current assets, the employer can make use of the so-called National Insurance exemption. In the light of Article 2(1(11)) of the Contributions Regulation (Journal of Laws of 1998 no. 161 item 1106), the contribution-assessment will exclude the cost of employer-funded meals provided to employees for consumption – up to the value of PLN 190 per month per employee.

NOTE: the employer may benefit from the National Insurance exemption only if it has enabled its employees to purchase prepared meals.

Thanks to the National Insurance exemption, employer can save up to PLN 230,000 per year for 500 employees.

Client receives an invoice once a month, which is the easiest solution for a Financial Department and HR Department. At client's request, a complete list of subscription card holders may be attached with each invoice.

MultiBilet products may be financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund or from the company’s current assets. It is up to the employer to choose the source of funding for MultiBilet products.

New Client – a proforma invoice is sent to your e-mail address. Once payment has been credited to our account, the order together with the original invoice are sent to the Client by courier service or, in the case of electronic tickets, in an encrypted Excel file.

Benefit Systems Client – the order together with the invoice are sent to the Client by courier service or, in the case of electronic tickets, in an encrypted Excel file. The Client pays the fee to Benefit Systems within 14 days of the date of issue of the VAT invoice.


The MultiBilet Programme can be financed from a company's Social Benefit Fund and from its current assets. Employer’s and employees’ needs as well as theavailable budget will determine which of these sources is used to pay for the MultiTeatr Programme.
Payments are made as follows:
  • New clients: a pro forma invoice will be sent to a specified email address. After the payment has been received, the number of MultiTeatr vouchers ordered (including the original invoice) will be sent to the customer using a courier service.
  • Benefit Systems clients: after the order is submitted, the MultiTeatr vouchers ordered (including the invoice) will be sent to the client using a courier service. The client will pay Benefit Systems by bank transfer within 14 days from date of invoice.
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