Frequently asked questions

The company needs to have a minimum of five individuals interested in joining the MultiSport programme.
The MultiSport card can be financed by the company's Social Benefits Fund, or from the current assets of the company.
The cost of the card depends on how many people join the programme, and on the level of co-financing by the company.
The contract is open-ended.
Each employee holding a MultiSport card can additionally include their partner and up to three children in the programme. 
People’s needs and interests increasingly differ. Therefore, our system offers thousands of readily available activities and services in the sports, cultural, recreational and leisure fields. We want to make sure there are offers to suit everyone! MyBenefit cafeteria has a continuously expanding offer of several thousand different benefits for employees of your company to utilise.
We have customers throughout Poland, including branches in hundreds of locations. Our offer is tailored to their needs: we provide the opportunity to purchase tickets to the cinema, to use sports, recreational and leisure facilities not only in big cities, but also in hundreds of smaller towns. We continue to expand the offer, thanks to the feedback of the system’s users.
Yes, services such as the Multisport card, medical care and life insurance could be. All the processes related to the selection of these services, their configuration for employees and their partners are then organised at MyBenefit. Thus, employees have a single system to manage all the benefits received from their company (including as part of the company's Social Benefit Fund). Firstly, it enables them to organise the benefits management process themselves and, secondly, demonstrates the value of the services received by employees from their company.
No, MyBenefit is a single system-wide solution that integrates all the benefits in the company, relieving the HR of service-related administration. Therefore, there is no need to look for partners, negotiate contracts or order products, thus great deal of work for the HR Department. Employees individually choose their benefits, while the company makes payments to a single service provider once a month.
The employee can use the service immediately after it has been ordered. Services are purchased online, resulting in real savings due to reduced logistics and distribution costs of things like tickets and vouchers, etc.
Today, more than 170,000 employees use the cafeteria, and that number is still growing. As a result, we are able to negotiate and obtain better deals than one company is able to do it by itself. This is beneficial both for the employee who can buy more services thanks to the extra financing from the company's Social Benefit Fund, and for the company that is able to use its budget more effectively.
The BenefitLunch programme is a product aimed at companies employing at least ten (10) employees, in the form of a subscription card or a single-use coupon. We do not carry out sales to individuals. The unit cost of a card or coupon depends on the number of employees who have joined the programme as well as the method of financing. In order to receive a BenefitLunch programme offer, please send your company's request and contact details to the following e-mail address: 
BenefitLunch card is a subscription solution that provides employees with regular access to meals in a non-cash and convenient form. The card can be used on each working day of the month.
BenefitLunch coupon is a one-off voucher exchangeable for a single meal – a lunch at a selected partner of the program. Coupons are a bearer product with a dedicated date of validity.
The eBenefitLunch code is one-off electronic bearer code that can be exchanged to one meal - a lunch package offered by selected partners of the programme on any working day of the month.
Cards, coupons or codes that are sent to your company are immediately ready for distribution and use.
You must present your card before placing an order or exchange a coupon for a lunch available under the BenefitLunch programme in an establishment selected from the list of partners. To be able to use the lunch service, the code needs to be shown and entered into the terminal system. The list of establishments in which you can use a card, coupon or code can be found at: If you use the "Phone Delivery" option, you should provide the card, coupon or code number and the delivery address when placing the order.
Please return the cards of those who have resigned from the programme directly to your MultiBenefit consultant. This should be done within a maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days after the end of a given settlement period.
Please submit a request stating the name and address of an establishment (town/city, street, number) by e-mail to We will do our best efforts to ensure that the suggested establishment is included among our partners within thirty (30) days.
MultiBilet programme is aimed at companies and institutions, and the cost of tickets depends on their type and quantity. We invite all employers interested in the programme to contact us at:
We do not execute sales to individuals. The MultiBilet program is only available to companies and institutions.
Yes, you just need to inform the cashier at the cinema box office.
In most of the cinemas, yes. Information about a possible additional payment for 3D glasses can be found on each cinema via the search engine.
Yes, they can. If the eMultiBilet has multiple admissions held on it, then you are able to use more than one admission at any one time.
Yes, all products are bearer products and are the perfect gift for loved ones.
Certainly. If you want to recommend a cinema to be included in our offer, please contact us at:
We would like to invite all cinema owners interested in cooperation to contact us at:
The MultiKafeteria platform is an online tool that provides a free choice of non-wage benefits, for your Employees. This is a great motivational solution, both for small and large companies.
The MultiKafeteria platform provides a large range of offers for the Employee and his family. This allows to tailor the benefits to the individual needs of each Employee. The platform allows selecting benefits from categories such as sports, recreation, health, beauty, tourism, and culture, including a wide range of stores from various industries.
The MultiKafeteria platform ensures easy administration of non-wage benefits, including subscription benefits. Thanks to the wide range of available services, the Platform provides the opportunity to find the best offer to match your needs and expectations. The administration of orders is simplified by the report panel, which could be adapted to the individual needs of the Employer. Reports generated by the panel make it easy to pay the Employees.
While using the cafeteria program you are under the care of a personal Manager, who can be contacted in order to help you deal with the issues related to platform administration. The special MultiKafeteria hotline handles the requests of Employees. It can help you with any questions related to logging into the cafeteria system.
The orders placed by the Employees on the MultiKafeteria platform are delivered to your Company in one parcel containing individual envelopes. This enables the rapid and efficient distribution of the requested benefits among the Employees. The orders placed using electronic services are delivered directly to the e-mail addresses of Employees.
Depending on the offer selected, the MultiKafeteria program could be financed both from the working capital and the Company Social Benefits Fund. There is also the possibility of the Employee co-financing the orders from his own funds. This applies to the Multisport Programme, travel, cinema and theatre offers.
The administrative costs depend on the individual arrangements and the chosen Platform model. For further information, please e-mail or call our sales representative.
Orders may be placed from the 1st to the 15th of the month for delivery the following month. The frequency of ordering and payments depends on the needs of the Employer, for example, in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual cycles.
There are no limits on the number of the Employees who may use the MultiKafeteria Program. The platform could be prepared both for several thousand Employees, or for one Manager who submits cumulative orders on behalf of other Employees.
Depending on the Platform model, the period of preparation could vary. In the of the basic model (including Multisport cards, cinema tickets and gift cards) the implementation time is 7 working days from the moment of conclusion of the contract.
MultiTeatr voucher allows access to selected theatre performances throughout Poland, taking into account the individual preferences of each theatre lover. A single voucher can be exchanged for one ticket to any theatre performance included in the MultiTeatr programme, depending the type of MultiTeatr voucher held.
There are two (2) types of MultiTeatr voucher: The MultiTeatr GOLD voucher provides full access to the MultiTeatr programme (all theatres and performances). The MultiTeatr SILVER voucher provides access to selected theatres from the MultiTeatr programme.
With the MultiTeatr voucher you get access to cultural events in numerous towns and cities throughout Poland. MultiTeatr offers musical performances, cabarets, opera, family-friendly performances, orchestra and chamber music concerts, and classical drama. For the full programme of events visit Vouchers give you the freedom to choose the performance, the date, and the best seat in the house.
A MultiTeatr voucher is valid for three (3) months from the date of issue and provides freedom and flexibility in terms of using the benefit.
Vouchers can be easily used on the website (you will receive a ticket in PDF format delivered to the e-mail address provided by you) or exchanged directly at the box office of a partner theatre.
MultiTeatr vouchers can be financed from two sources: either from the company's Social Benefits Fund or by using the company's current assets.
MultiTeatr vouchers (in paper form) will be sent to your company within five (5) days from the date of placing the order. The mailing costs are covered by Benefit Systems. If you purchase vouchers electronically, we will send the order directly to your e-mail.
If you are an employer and want to order MultiTeatr vouchers for the first time, please contact us at: If you are already our client, please contact your consultant, who will advise you on the choice of vouchers and submit an order on your behalf.
MultiTeatr vouchers are a unique motivational tool that allows employees to enjoy a wide range of theatre and concert venues throughout Poland. MultiTeatr will provide your employees with access to the best Polish theatres, giving them not only an exclusive experience, but also providing extra motivation to work for the benefit of your company. Theatre vouchers are an attractive way to strengthen the loyalty and commitment of your team and original and an innovative gift for those who appreciate first-class entertainment.
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