Frequently asked questions

The company needs to have a minimum of five individuals interested in joining the MultiSport programme.
The MultiSport card can be financed by the company's Social Benefits Fund, or from the current assets of the company.
The cost of the card depends on how many people join the programme, and on the level of co-financing by the company.
The contract is open-ended.
Each employee holding a MultiSport card can additionally include their partner and up to three children in the programme. 
People’s needs and interests increasingly differ. Therefore, our system offers thousands of readily available activities and services in the sports, cultural, recreational and leisure fields. We want to make sure there are offers to suit everyone! MyBenefit cafeteria has a continuously expanding offer of several thousand different benefits for employees of your company to utilise.
We have customers throughout Poland, including branches in hundreds of locations. Our offer is tailored to their needs: we provide the opportunity to purchase tickets to the cinema, to use sports, recreational and leisure facilities not only in big cities, but also in hundreds of smaller towns. We continue to expand the offer, thanks to the feedback of the system’s users.
Yes, services such as the Multisport card, medical care and life insurance could be. All the processes related to the selection of these services, their configuration for employees and their partners are then organised at MyBenefit. Thus, employees have a single system to manage all the benefits received from their company (including as part of the company's Social Benefit Fund). Firstly, it enables them to organise the benefits management process themselves and, secondly, demonstrates the value of the services received by employees from their company.
No, MyBenefit is a single system-wide solution that integrates all the benefits in the company, relieving the HR of service-related administration. Therefore, there is no need to look for partners, negotiate contracts or order products, thus great deal of work for the HR Department. Employees individually choose their benefits, while the company makes payments to a single service provider once a month.
The employee can use the service immediately after it has been ordered. Services are purchased online, resulting in real savings due to reduced logistics and distribution costs of things like tickets and vouchers, etc.
Today, more than 170,000 employees use the cafeteria, and that number is still growing. As a result, we are able to negotiate and obtain better deals than one company is able to do it by itself. This is beneficial both for the employee who can buy more services thanks to the extra financing from the company's Social Benefit Fund, and for the company that is able to use its budget more effectively.

MyBenefit Active is MyBenefit cafeteria platform provided with extra modules to promote a higher level of employees’ commitment and generate greater motivation. Besides benefits, employees can take advantage of solutions like gamification, creating challenges, corporate wall, awarding kudos points (praises visible on the wall), e-learning courses and surveys.

Gamification is a state-of-the art method of motivating people to achieve business goals by using elements of game mechanisms. It mainly involves creating different types of challenges, e.g. sales, CSR or sports challenges. It is used for reinforcing the employees’ motivation by giving them the ability to gain scores, batches and ranks for their activity and for rewarding achievements. 

Social network module helps to integrate all members of the corporate community, while allowing easier internal communication because employees can add and comment posts on the corporate wall. Employees can also give spontaneous praises to one another by awarding kudos points. 

MyBenefit Active Platform is an end-to-end solution. Each employee can take advantage of a vast and ever-evolving cafeteria offer by choosing benefits that best match their individual needs from thousands of benefits on the offer. Thanks to the gamification and social network modules, employees can also satisfy their needs relating to the membership in the corporate community, such as team integration or recognising and rewarding engagement. 

In order to receive an offer, please contact us via a form by clicking: Order

Please note that the BenefitLunch Programme is a meal solution addressed to companies that have at least 10 employees. We do not sell it to private individuals.

The BenefitLunch Card is a monthly subscription service which gives the employees the ability to eat lunch at our partner network on a regular basis, once a day, on any workday. Thanks to the construction of the subscription service, the employees need not worry about the meal prices.

BenefitLunch Voucher is a paper bearer voucher that employees can redeem for lunch at one of our partner’s on any business day. Employees can use any number of vouchers throughout the day or give them to another person.

The e-BenefitLunch Code is an electronic bearer code that can be redeemed for lunch at one of our partner’s on any business day. Employees can use any number of codes throughout the day or give them to another person. The paper vouchers and electronic codes are valid three months from the receipt date.

You don’t have to go through any registration process. The cards, the vouchers or the codes that we send to your company are ready to be given and used by your staff members. You do not have any additional duties.

As at the end of each month, the company provides a report with details on resignations to our Customer Service Department. The cards will be blocked for the following month so that they cannot be used by unauthorised individuals. The cards may be destroyed at the company or returned to us by mail.

Please e-mail such a requisition at: We can then suggest new eating places in your vicinity or you can name a specific place by giving its name and address (city, street name and house number). We will do our best to include that place as part of our partner network within 30 days from your report.

MultiBilet products are addressed exclusively to companies and institutions, and the price depends on product type and quantity. Employers interested in MultiBilet products are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail at


The program is not available to individuals. MultiBilet products are addressed exclusively to companies and institutions.

Yes, you just need to inform the cashier at the cinema box office.

Yes, at most cinemas. If you need to pay extra, you will receive reusable 3D glasses to keep.

Yes, if your eMultiBilet offers multiple admissions. You can use all available tickets associated with one code during one cinema session.

Yes, all the products are valid to the bearer and they make perfect gifts. They are also a great add-on to gifts for all occasions.

Yes, of course. To request a cinema to be added to the Program, please send an e-mail to

Cinema owners interested in cooperation are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail at

TravelPass vouchers may be financed from the company’s current assets or from the Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFSŚ) granted to employees in the Cafeteria.

Following order placement, a debit note for the same amount as the nominal value of the vouchers ordered will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the order. A VAT invoice for the delivery of vouchers, and extra services and commission fees, if applicable, will be attached.


eTravelPass vouchers are available to employees in MyBenefit Cafeteria. If you are looking for fringe benefits for your company’s employees, use the contact form to get in touch with us.


eTravelPass vouchers can be used to pay for hotel accommodation just like ‘regular’ money. More details on how to use the vouchers are available under the tab: How does it work?

The cash value of vouchers is selected when placing an order, and it may range from PLN 100 to PLN 1,000.

Vouchers are valid for one year from the creation date. The exact expiry date of the voucher is always stated when the voucher is ordered in MyBenefit Cafeteria.

Yes, eTravelPass vouchers are valid to the bearer. They can be redeemed to pay for the travel of any number of people, providing employees with a great opportunity to organize a trip for themselves and their loved ones.

Yes, they can! eTravelPass vouchers are valid to the bearer, so they can be used by anyone who presents them.

To redeem eTravelPass vouchers, the employee contacts a selected vacation facility by phone and makes a booking. During the call, the employee informs the staff that the booking will be paid for with an eTravelPass voucher, either in whole or in part.
At the start of the stay, the employee provides the eTravelPass number and… that’s it!


Detailed rules on how to redeem vouchers are available in the section: How does it work?


The MultiTeatr vouchers allow their holders admission to selected theatrical performances all over Poland, depending on the individual preferences and needs of every theater lover. A voucher is exchanged for one admission ticket to any theatrical performance from the list of performances available in the MultiTeatr offer, depending on the type of MultiTeatr voucher.

You can choose from three types of MultiTeatr PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER vouchers, which differ in terms of their scope of validity.

As part of the MultiTeatr Voucher, you get access to the cultural offering in multiple cities all over Poland. The MultiTeatr offers: musical shows, cabaret shows, opera performances, family shows, symphony concerts, chamber concerts, and classic drama plays. You can find the full repertoire available as part of the MultiTeatr at: With the voucher, you have the freedom to choose the performance, the date and the seat in the auditorium.

The MultiTeatr Voucher is valid three months from the issue date which gives the holder freedom to use the benefit.

Vouchers can be easily used on the website (you will receive a ticket in PDF format delivered to the e-mail address provided by you) or exchanged directly at the box office of a partner theatre.

The MultiTeatr vouchers can be paid for from two sources – the In-House Social Benefit Fund or the company’s current assets.

We will send the MultiTeatr Vouchers (in the form of paper tickets) to your company within five days from the order placement date. The shipment costs are borne by Benefit Systems. If you purchase the vouchers in the form of an electronic code, we will send the order right to your inbox.

If you are an employer and you wish to order a MultiTeatr Voucher for the first time, please e-mail us at: If you are an existing client, please contact your Relationship Manager who will advise you which vouchers to choose and who will place the order for you.

The MultiTeatr Voucher is a unique incentive tool that allows employees to take advantage of a broad offer of theater facilities all over Poland. MultiTeatr will give your employees access to the best Polish theaters and provide them not only with unforgettable memories but also with motivation to work for the benefit of your company. A theater voucher is an appealing way to strengthen team loyalty and engagement and a unique gift for people who appreciate entertainment at a high level.