Live actively at any age!

We believe that sport and physical activity can be practised at any age. Regardless of the fitness level, predispositions, or habits, we can find a way to improve the quality of our life through sport. In Poland, seniors are still the largest group of people excluded from active leisure. According to the MultiSport Index 2019 report, as many as 53% of people over 55 years of age do not undertake any physical activity. We wanted to change this. With this in mind, Benefit Systems created the MultiSport Senior programme. Its main goal is to encourage older people to undertake various activities tailored to their needs. The programme’s product is the MultiSport Senior card – the first sports card in Poland intended for people over 60 years of age.

One card, many possibilities

When introducing the new product to the market in 2018, we carried out the pilot phase of the MultiSport Senior programme. It involved 1,500 seniors from all over Poland who tested various services of the MultiSport package. Its main goal was to encourage seniors to take up physical activity by showing them available forms of physical activity adapted to their age and health condition. The MultiSport Senior pilot shows that sport is for everyone, regardless of age.


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