What is Dobry MultiUczynek?

Dobry MultiUczynek is our internal programme in which our employees come up with their philanthropic and volunteering projects. We choose the best ones and the company provides financial resources to make them happen. We help mainly children and teenagers in a difficult situation, people with disabilities as well as animals. We also support initiatives connected with the environment. So far we have run 4 editions of the programme, realising more than 70 projects and spending over 1 million PLN. More information about our employees’ social engagement can be found here: Dobry MultiUczynek.

It’s time to take Dobry MultiUczynek outside! We launched external Dobry MultiUczynek programme in order to encourage MultiSport card Users to help others. The first edition of the programme has just ended. Throughout September 2018 everyone who has our employee-type sports card could submit his or her philanthropic or volunteering project. Sport and physical activity are very close to us and thus we decided to support initiatives connected with these aspects and give also our Users an opportunity to get involved in our programme.

From among received projects we had chosen 10 which we then put to the Internet users’ vote. Benefit Systems provided financial support amounting to maximum 30 000 PLN for each of the six projects with the largest number of votes! The projects will be run until the end of June this year.

How to submit a project?

Projects for the Dobry MultiUczynek programme can be submitted by active MultiSport Plus, MultiSport Classic and MultiActive card users (employee-type). In the second half of 2019 we are planning to run another edition of the programme. We will provide information about its progress and we encourage to take part in the programme and follow our Dobry MultiUczynek website: www.kartamultisport.pl/en/dobry-multiuczynek

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