”Endorphins for the Summer” with MultiSport!

MultiSport introduces access to city bikes, rope courses, outdoor pools, as well as a wider base of sports and recreation facilities. Users will also have access to audiobooks.

“Endorphins for the Summer” – for fitness, relaxation, and health! Summer is in full effect– you might want to use these long, warm, and sunny days in an active way. When the temperature is around 30ºC, and a large dose of vitamin D positively affects the mood, you might want to go outdoors and use the special offer prepared for this year's summer holidays by MultiSport. Bicycle fans holding MultiSport Plus, Classic, and MultiActive cards can, starting from 25 June, for an hour each day, use the city bike rental service, supported by NextBike in 12 cities throughout Poland, without incurring additional costs.

As part of the “Endorphins for the Summer” program prepared by MultiSport, all card users also have access to 53 outdoor swimming pools in 46 towns and cities throughout Poland, where they will be able to find refreshment and relaxation on hot summer days. Rope courses are another attractive service in the holiday offer. This is a perfect way for the whole family to spend time actively outdoors. The exciting fun at heights can be enjoyed by all MultiSport Plus and MultiSport Plus Kids cardholders.

Apart from developing the body it is also important to develop imagination, creativity, and knowledge. Therefore, each MultiSport program user can download an audiobook from a special offer of Audioteka.pl that will make the holidays even more attractive and relaxing. Listening to your favourite author during holiday travel will positively influence the state of your mind and the quality of your rest.

The “Endorphins for the Summer” program provides MultiSport cardholders with the opportunity to take advantage of all sorts of physical activities, both in the area of recreation, as well as ones with a large dose of energy. Our goal is to make this year's holidays much healthier, more active, and thus more qualitative and enjoyable for the MultiSport card users, said Marcin Niewiadomski, responsible for user relations at Benefit Systems.

Detailed information on holiday attractions can be found at www.wakacjezmultisport.pl. Registration in the city bikes system – www.multisportbike.pl. The list of facilities available within a particular type of card is available at benefitsystems.pl.

Holidays in Warsaw

The residents of Warsaw can take advantage of a special offer which includes numerous additional attractions. Starting from 1 July, you can sign up for a special training session with Ewa Chodakowska. MultiSport card users will thus be able to participate in the largest MultiSport event, which will take place on 30 July in Warsaw at the EXPO XXI Warsaw facility. Moreover, football trainings for adults and children with the coaches of the Legia Warsaw football club take place every Saturday in June and July. Active participants will have a chance to participate in such additional attractions as the Legia's stadium tour at Łazienkowska Street, meeting with the players of the champions of Poland, and contests with prizes.

In addition, having a MultiSport card allows you to enjoy outdoor sporting activities using exercises developed on the basis of the “Let's Go” authorial program, which, through a form of circuit training, develops every group of muscles. The “Let's Go Beach” offer, on the other hand, has been prepared especially for the fans of volleyball, where four MultiSport scheme card users can book one of the six fully equipped and professionally prepared beach volleyball courts located within the facility at Koncertowa Street 4.

More information: www.benefitsystems.pl and wakacjezmultisport.pl.

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About Benefit Systems Benefit Systems is the creator of the MultiSport sports and recreation program, which supports an active and healthy lifestyle of its users. Our sports cards provide access to nearly 4,000 sports and recreation facilities in more than 650 towns and cities throughout Poland. Moreover, starting from 25 June, MultiSport cardholders can use city bike systems in 12 cities. As part of the holiday program, the offer for MultiSport cardholders also includes outdoor swimming pools, rope courses, and other outdoor activities. At the end of the first quarter of this year, the sports cards offered by the Benefit Systems Group were used by more than 677,000 people. The sports offer is successfully developed by the company also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria, where the number of sports cards users is steadily increasing.

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