“Endorphins for the Summer” with Ewa Chodakowska

Hundreds of enthusiasts of physical activity have participated in the nationwide training with the most popular coach of Polish women Ewa Chodakowska, organised by MultiSport as part of the Endorphins for the Summerprogram.


On 30 July, in Warsaw, the EXPO XXI Warsaw facility gathered all those who value a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. This is the result of the “Endorphins for the Summer” campaign joined by the most popular coach in Poland – Ewa Chodakowska.

I use every possible opportunity to promote physical activity for health, form, and well-being. I am glad that I have more and more opportunities to do so. So I hope that the meeting with the MultiSport card users provided all attendants with a record dose of endorphins and mobilised them to a continuous activity not only in the summer, but also throughout the other days of the year. I wish this summer is marked in Poland by sports, says Ewa Chodakowska. Given the enthusiasm of the participants of “Endorphins for the Summer” program, we can be sure of that. As part of Saturday’s meeting everyone could take part in interval training, cross training, and yoga classes. In the course of group exercises, the participants had the opportunity to increase their endurance, burn maximum amount of calories, fight cellulite, improve their mood, and most importantly – find the strength and motivation for further training that will keep them in good shape.


Maintaining the endorphin enthusiasm for exercise is still possible thanks to the
Endorphins for the Summerprogram. As part of the campaign, MultiSport cardholders may still use city bikes for 1h per day without incurring additional costs in 12 major Polish cities. You can also choose from a number of outdoor pools and rope courses, beach volleyball courts, and fitness trainings outdoors, as well as audiobooks, which are an attractive addition to the holiday activities.


Detailed information on holiday attractions can be found at 
www.wakacjezmultisport.pl. Registration in the city bikes system – www.multisportbike.pl. The list of facilities available within a particular type of card is available at benefitsystems.pl.


About Benefit Systems

Benefit Systems is the creator of the MultiSport sports and recreation program, which supports an active and healthy lifestyle of its users. Our sports cards provide access to nearly 4,000 sports and recreation facilities in more than 650 towns and cities throughout Poland. Moreover, starting from 25 June, MultiSport cardholders can use city bike systems in 12 cities. As part of the holiday program, the offer for MultiSport cardholders also includes outdoor swimming pools, rope courses, and other outdoor activities. At the end of the second quarter, the sports cards offered by the Benefit Systems Group were used by more than 736,000 people (including 697,000 in Poland and more than 39,000 in foreign markets, where the offer of sports activities is successfully developed by the company; MultiSport is present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria).

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