Cycle to your good health!

Cycling has been the most popular activity among Poles for years and interest in this form of leisure is still growing. More than half of Poles declare that they cycle regularly. The bike has become synonymous with health, fun, integration with friends, but also means of transport used on the way to work. This is an excellent alternative to the crowded public transport and cars stuck in traffic jams. 

Both the promoters of a healthy and active lifestyle and employers encourage such form of activity. Some of them even pay a bonus to employees who commute to work by bike. Others went a step further and bought bikes for their employees. Employers offering MultiSport sports cards, which for several weeks now have allowed free-of-charge use of city bikes in several Polish cities, also encourage the use of two-wheelers.

Bike as a pro-health solution

In times of constant hurry, numerous tasks  and projects to be done ASAP, it is easy to forget about yourself. It is not easy to find some time for any sports activities during the week as well. People who commute to work by bike admit that this is the only activity in their busy lives. And the benefits of cycling are numerous. Riding a bicycle improves the efficiency of the body, and thus improves the physical fitness and helps in achieving and maintaining good shape. Getting around by bike helps to reduce excessive body fat, but also effectively fights the enemy of all women – cellulite. Apart from counteracting the orange peel, it significantly smoothes the skin, which loses the signs of everyday fatigue and begins to radiate with health and youthfulness. But most importantly, activity on a two-wheeler effectively supports the immunological system, which protects against all types of pathogens and germs.

Commuting to work on a bike

Changing the morning means of urban transport to a more environmentally friendly one not only puts us in a better mood, but also relaxes and reduces stress levels. Is there anything better than starting the day's work with a smile on your face? Scientists agree that regular workouts also result in a better mental condition – concentration improves, which increases our ability to remember things by about 20 per cent. A well-rested and full of energy employee is a benefit for the employer. An especially encouraging fact is that such a significant change of mood may be achieved just after several minutes of cycling.

The Endorphins for the Summer program, within which MultiSport card users can use city bikes in 12 cities in Poland without incurring additional charges, is a perfect support in terms of good mood. You just need to register at, enter your card number, and enjoy the freedom of moving around the city. Moreover, MultiSport has prepared special audiobooks for all those who want to make their ride even more interesting with good literature for listening. For more information, please visit

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