CSR at its best – The new Responsible Business Forum report

Two Benefit Systems initiatives have been recognised in the 17th edition of the “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices” report published by the Responsible Business Forum: volunteering and philanthropic Dobry MultiUczynek Programme and B Corp certification through which the creator of the MultiSport card joined a global community of socially responsible companies.


The latest edition of the Responsible Business Forum report confirms that for more and more companies operating in Poland corporate social responsibility is becoming a fixed element of their strategy. The Responsible Business Forum noted a record number of activities in aid of sustainable development. The report describes more than 1,500 good practices used in 229 companies. In the 17th edition of the document CSR initiatives undertaken by Benefit Systems, which is operating on the non-financial benefits market and created the popular MultiSport card, were described for the first time.


 – At Benefit Systems we believe that business can act for a good cause, benefiting all entities cooperating with a company and operating in its surroundings. We have a pleasure to offer a product that answers an important social problem – lack of activity. Currently the MultiSport card supports physical activity and health of more than one million users in Poland and Europe. In executing this idea, we are supported by 4,000 partner sports and recreation facilities. Seeing how much business can help in solving social problems, we initiate new activities supporting the environment, employees and local communities every year. We also invest in solutions that support and shape business ethics. We are glad that the Responsible Business Forum has acknowledged and recognised our initiatives – says Izabela Walczewska-Schneyder, Management Board Member at Benefit Systems.


Since 2015 Benefit Systems has been running a volunteering and philanthropic Dobry MultiUczynek Programme which encourages the company’s employees to submit and run microprojects supporting people in need or aid institutions. In the last three years the Benefit Systems Group’s employees have realised 80 Dobry MultiUczynek projects across the country. In 2018 the company extended the programme’s formula to MultiSport card users who came up with nearly 100 ideas connected with promoting physical activity among local communities.


 Submitted projects were very different and focused on very specific actions. Therefore, we decided to support six of them. One of the initiatives we co-financed was physical activisation of seniors in the Warsaw district of Ursynów. This project includes workshops, consultations with experts and sports trips. Another initiative will concentrate on creating active corridors for children so they can be active as much as possible. We hope that together with MultiSport card users we will be able to solve the problem of lack of physical activity in local communities – says Rafał Mikołajczyk, Communication and CSR Vice Director at Benefit Systems.


At the end of 2018 Benefit Systems joined a global community of companies described as “best for the world” by receiving B Corp Certification. This certificate confirms companies’ social engagement in five areas: corporate governance, employment policy, impact on the surrounding communities, customer relations and environmental protection.

 Benefit Systems is the first public company in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the only Polish company awarded with the B Corp title. It has joined a group of 2,700 companies that include social responsibility in the basis of their functioning. The B Corp movement is a platform for exchanging experiences and good practices. Therefore, we are pleased that its idea has been described in this year’s edition of the Responsible Business Forum report which is a source of inspiration for many companies operating on the Polish market – emphasises Izabela Walczewska-Schneyder.


The “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices” reportis currently the biggest publication that sums up the development of corporate social responsibility in Poland every year.


 We observe a very dynamic development of corporate social responsibility. We are very glad about this trend. It results from many different factors. There are initiatives and legal regulations adopted on a national and international level that make companies more active in the CSR area. One of them are Sustainable Business Objectives – business joining the initiative will accelerate the process of achieving these goals. CSR owes its growth also to the fact that business partners require information on a company’s non-financial operations that prove lower reputation and financial risk connected with a given company. CSR becomes an indispensable tool in the competition to attract and keep employees that is growing stronger. This is demonstrated by an increased number of practices connected with a workplace by 30% – sums up Marzena Strzelczak, General Director at the Responsible Business Forum.


As in previous editions of the report, the majority of practices were connected with social responsibility, developing local communities and working environment.

The complete version of the “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices” report (17th edition) can be downloaded here:  https://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/publikacje/raport-2018/

More information about corporate social responsibility at Benefit Systems can be found on the website:



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