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Age has a significant and, unfortunately, negative impact on the physical activity level – in the last six months as many as 47% of Poles above 60 years of age have not undertaken any physical activity. However, family activity can be an impulse to exercise on regular basis – as many as 40% of active seniors admit that they prefer to practise sports together with their loved ones.


Despite visible changes in Poles’ attitude towards physical activity as well as more and more sophisticated sports and recreation infrastructure, Polish society only starts learning how to be active. According to the MultiSport Index 2018 Report, the factor that motivates us to be active most is health combined with pleasure derived from regular exercise. Nowadays, around 7.4 million of active Poles treat physical activity as a form of recreation and relaxation. On the other hand, 56% people above 60 years of age do not undertake any physical activity. Fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge about the benefits coming from a healthy lifestyle, stereotypes regarding being active at a senior age, which results in a lowered motivation among people above 60 years of age, are currently unhealthy components of an ageing society.

– Physical activity is extremely important on every stage of our life. Unfortunately, at a certain age it is abandoned, which has a negative impact on our health and mood. This translates into quality of life. In Poland nearly half of people above 60 years of age do not exercise and one in three of them has a negative view of his or her health. This situation can be changed – the only thing we have to do is to undertake physical activity that is adjusted to our possibilities every day. With time we will notice its beneficial impact on our health  – says Adam Radzki, Management Board Member at Benefit Systems.

To celebrate Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day, every person above 60 years of age who comes to Winter National between 20 and 22 January 2019 will be able to check the condition of their body for free and start their adventure with physical activity. Free consultations with physiotherapists, dietitians and coaches have been organised in the special MultiSport Lab zone (the main pitch at the National Stadium in Warsaw). Seniors can also have their body composition and blood pressure measured as well as their body posture scanned.

Free health consultation zone at the MultiSport Lab invites all seniors above 60 years of age on Sunday (20.01.2019) between 12:00 and 19:00 as well as Monday and Tuesday (21-22.01.2019) between 17:00 and 21:00. Free passes are available at the MultiSport counter upon presenting an ID car.

Age doesn’t matter
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends regular exercise to people in every age group. In the case of seniors it is at least 30 minutes o physical activity a day, 5 days a week or even a very intense activity for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. It is also recommended to exercise 2–3 times a week in order to improve one’s muscular strength and stamina. The role of physical activity increases especially when a person’s natural biological potential starts to wear out as numerous positive effects of activity include feeling of safety (keeping one’s balance, minimising the risk of falling, maintaining muscular strength and oxygen capacity) as well as feeling of being independent, a possibility to maintain social contacts or higher self-esteem (especially with regard to the meaning of life)1 .

The benefits that seniors can draw from the right doses of physical activity are multiple and refer to all body systems – says Sylwia Nowacka-Dobosz, Physical Education, Ph.D. at the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw – First of all, physical activity can slow down degeneration processes in one’s body, especially with regard to motor skills. It also delays a decrease in the muscle and bone tissue mass. It counteracts the drop in oxygen capacity, improves cells oxygenation by improving blood and nutrients supply, supports the process of cleaning toxins from the body and enhances metabolism.

Being active together means being more motivated
It turns out that a significant factor motivating people to exercise is family activity – as many as 40% of active seniors admit that they prefer sports practised together. Systematic group exercise is not only beneficial for psychophysical health (including a significant reduction of stress level) but it can also have a direct impact on improving interpersonal relations.


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