Take advantage of the summer!

Summer is a time that fosters all kind of physical activity. An interview with Piotr Trochimczuk, a rehabilitator and physiotherapist of the Main Centre for Sports Medicine, by Ilona Szajkowska.

How long and how often should we exercise?

According to WHO's recommendations, adults, i.e. persons above 18 years of age, should spend 150 minutes per week on physical activity – I mean aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity (i.e. approx. 20 minutes a day) – or 75 minutes of high-intensity activity. Another, simpler recommendation is 30 minutes of exercise a day. Many years ago there was a 3x30x130 scheme: 3 times a week, 30 minutes, and a heart rate of 130 HR. I think it is still up-to-date.

What exactly should we do?

Walk, run, ride a bike, skate, go swimming. We can also play volleyball, basketball, or badminton, or engage in Nordic walking. We should do the things we like the most and what makes us happy. It is important for the exercise to be regular.

And the summer is a perfect time to do this...

Summer is a time that fosters all kind of physical activity. It is much easier to go outside when it is warm, light, with a lot of greenery around us, and when the air smells with flowers. In such conditions, doing sports is pure pleasure. During the holiday leave we have a lot of time that can be spent on physical activity. In general, you might want to plan your holiday to be active. There are also many opportunities to do this in towns and cities. We can rent bikes on the streets, many swimming pools are open, we can find some gym equipment in parks, and in some also tennis tables.

 Apart from pleasure – pure health...

Just so. It would be hard to mention all the benefits of an active lifestyle. First of all, we are preventing many diseases and disorders. We prevent, in particular, civilisation-related diseases. We feel younger and look younger. We are also in a good mood because of the secretion of the hormones of happiness during exercise. Thanks to the oxygenation of the brain, our creativity increases. Our immunity also goes up. And we can go on and on with naming the benefits...

That is true, there are a lot of benefits of doing sport. But does it not entail a risk of injury?

Not just a sport, any normal daily activity carries a risk. However, paradoxically, regular exercise reduces it, because fit people are less likely to become injured, they fall over and hit things, etc. less often. However, especially those starting physical activity should be careful. For example, you cannot start your trainings with too intense exercise. You also need to remember that the exercises should not cause a sense of pain during nor after exercise. You just need to adjust the activity to your own degree of fitness, shape, and you will be able to do sport safely. If you do not know your capacity well or have doubts as to whether such activity is recommended for you, ask a specialist for help – a doctor or coach.

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