Fit employees add extra value to a company

No one needs to be convinced that good physical condition fosters better well-being and increases daily performance. In Poland, the percentage of people who regularly do sports has increased to 14%. Sports packages are one of the most popular non-wage benefits among employees, which, apart from the physical aspect, also beneficially affect the mental condition.

The value of each company depends on its staff, whose satisfaction translates into performance. It turns out that the phrase “a sound mind in a sound body” is still up-to-date. Poles are beginning to treat physical activity no longer as a necessity, but as a source of well-being and energy, which can be utilised in professional activity. Given this trend and the fact that the time of standard benefits in the form of Christmas gifts or vouchers no longer satisfies employees, an interesting alternative has emerged. In 2011, 46% companies decided to subsidise sports activities to their employees, and this number is constantly growing. As part of the increasingly popular sports and recreation schemes employees can enjoy unlimited access to the most modern sports facilities and forms of activity that were previously out of their reach – 70% of respondents holding MultiSport Plus cards admits that thanks to the package they received they use the services/sports activities, which they had never used before.

Apart from an interesting offer, an important aspect is also the fact that employees have the possibility to choose their own range of services they wish to use. Such an option of the additional forms of gratification not only has a positive effect on the well-being of the employees, but also on their relationships with their superiors. According to a survey conducted by GFK Polonia for Benefit Systems SA, nearly 90% of MultiSport Plus cardholders declare their actual impact on the perception and loyalty towards the employer, and 87% of respondents clearly increased their activity in terms of doing sports thanks to the sports and recreation packages.

Researchers from the University of Tel Aviv and Haifa University claim that the avoidance of physical activity has a negative impact on the employees. Depression and professional burnout increase over time in people who are passive in terms of doing sports more often than in those who engage in exercise. Physical activity helps employees to cope better the duties at work, improves their performance and self-esteem. Researchers believe that already 150 minutes of exercise per week has a very positive impact on the well-being of the employees.

In view of the prospects of your company, you might want to think about the development of your employees – and not just in professional terms. Good physical and mental condition clearly translates into engagement on the part of the employee and his/her individual approach and contribution to the work determines the success of the whole team. Additional benefits from employers should be a source of satisfaction, not only in financial terms but also in terms of personal development, which is increasingly decisive in terms of the engagement of the employees and their perception of the employers.

Michał Skierski
Benefit Systems




Article published in the BENEFIT monthly magazine available at

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